Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Creamy Chestnut Pie

A very quick blog post from me tonight! A couple of you have asked for the recipe for the Creamy Chestnut Pie which I make every year for our Christmas lunch. When I first became vegetarian in 1990 my mum came across this recipe in her Woman's Weekly magazine and posted it to me in time for Christmas. There are five of us 24 years on, and we're all vegetarian. I've made it every year since then, and it wouldn't be Christmas in our family without it - thanks, Mum!

Here is the original recipe, and it's worth adding that I substitute button mushrooms for courgettes, as they go well with the chestnuts, and am always generous with the cream and sherry which make up the Christmassy sauce. I've included two photos in the hope that they will be easy to read, as the cutting is quite crinkly now.

I always cut the left-over pastry into stars or holly leaves and berries to decorate the top of the pie. This is what it looks like after cooking, and we always serve it with roast potatoes and roast parsnips, sprouts, carrots, sage and onion stuffing and vegetarian gravy - yum!

I wanted to share the recipe before the New Year, as I won't be feeling in a Christmassy mood after then and will be ready to move into January.

Hope you like it x


  1. Thank you! We'll definitely be giving this one a try. x

  2. Thanks a lot for the recipe !!!! I wish you a very very happy New Year !!!! Hugs !

  3. Thanks fore sharing the recipe! Pies aren't a big thing in Germany but I love them!! I will save this recipe and give it a try sometime this year! :)

    Take care
    Anne (Crochet Between Worlds)

  4. Hi Cathy, I'm Jen. I've just found your blog, it looks lovely and I'm looking forward to exploring! I became veggie in 1985 when I was 20 (bit of a give away!) and I too now have a family of 5 who are also all veggie. I also love crafting, sewing, knitting, colour, gardening and am trying to make a completely handmade wardrobe (some long way to go yet). I am planning to start a blog - hopefully this month?...so far only on Pinterest! (Quince&Pippin)

    1. Hi Jen, it's lovely to meet you! Sounds like we are contemporaries! I'm glad you like the recipe, and will look forward to reading your blog when it's up and running. I'm following you on Pinterest now too - love your pictures :)
      Cathy x


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