Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Best Bits

The New Year is fast approaching, and I've been thinking about 2014 and all of the lovely things which I've recorded in my blog this year. Without doubt, the best thing of all was starting it in the first place. I had been reading some wonderful blogs over the last few years, and had always been  rather shy about leaving comments. My children kept telling me to start my own, and in April I finally did! I've had the best fun ever since then, making lots of lovely new friends in the blog world, and being able to write about all the things which mean something to me. I so value everyone's comments, and am excited every time I read a new one. 

I've loved being able to share my love of flowers throughout the year. As the months pass there are so many fabulous blooms to enjoy in my own garden, and in some beautiful gardens which I've visited. Flowers really do make me very happy indeed!

Some amazingly delicate and colourful wild flowers can be found on walks in the countryside, along pathways, and even growing on pavements in towns and cities. They really are delightful little discoveries.

It's been a creative year too. Working full-time in term time means that I do my making in evenings and weekends, so I generally start quite small projects. I start to become a bit bored if something I'm making goes on for too long - perhaps I'm too impatient! Here are a few of the things I've made this year, some from my own design, and others from designs in books or shared by other generous bloggers. I learnt to needlefelt this year, and plan to do some more soon.

Last year we managed to get out and about on some lovely day trips, and on short local ones too. I love the anticipation of heading off somewhere wonderfully familiar or excitingly new, with a picnic and my camera.

I've enjoyed cooking this year, and love to make seasonal recipes as the year progresses. Locally produced or foraged food, along with flowers, marks the changing seasons and I get a sense of satisfaction when I cook recipes which I've been making for years. Old favourites like garlic pesto in the spring, lavender or rose shortbread in the summer, and squash soup in the autumn fall reassuringly into order as the months pass. I love to discover new ones too which I add to my well-used collection. This year I tried damson and gin and some new ice cream flavours.

There have been some wonderful skies this year, and I have been ready with my camera to capture them. Most have been sunrises which I spot from the window when I'm getting ready for work. Sunsets often take place when I'm busy elsewhere and I miss a good many of them. I love clouds too, and have enjoyed spotting stunning cloud formations.

I hope you've enjoyed my little wander down memory lane, and will come with me as we venture into 2015.
I'm looking forward to the New Year x


  1. What a fantastic year you've had. Some excellent makes - I've made lavender shortbread in the past but haven't tried rose; definitely one for the 2015 'to do' list! Your sky photos are gorgeous. Best wishes for a very happy New Year. x

  2. That's a very impressive collection of photos and makes! Wishing you every happiness and craftiness for the New Year. Suzy x

  3. Hello Cathy

    What a stunning collection of photos, and I do like how you have arranged them.
    Wonderful makes and stunning flowers, but I have to say your sky pictures are my favourite (I wonder why).

    I'm looking forward to more beautiful photos in 2015.


  4. Hi Cathy, I left a comment but wasn't sure it had registered, so at the risk of duplicating I'll just give you the couple of links that I left.

    Since you like skies and clouds, why not join in on Skywatch Friday every week: http://skyley.blogspot.co.uk/ ? It would be great to see your photos there.
    And have a look at the Cloud Appreciation Society. If you join you get a wee membership certificate and an occasional cloud newsletter: http://cloudappreciationsociety.org/

  5. Thanks for the recommendation, Linda, I shall take a look at both.I do have both the Cloud Spotter's Handbook and Guide which are very useful :)
    Cathy x


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