Monday, 17 November 2014

Weekend Stuff

It's was a weekend of clearing and tidying here at the House with the Blue Door, which was fine because it's been very gloomy and damp outside. Here are some little things which made me happy this weekend, and I thought I'd share them with you:

1) We popped out to do some shopping and I bought some of these squashes from the market in seasonal hues. I love their varied forms, colours and textures, and they are so essentially autumnal.

I came home with a selection of them and will display them for a little while, then cook them using this recipe from River Cottage, which is delicious.

2) I picked up these bright orange chrysanthemums too. I find their colour energising as the days become even darker, and the urge to hibernate kicks in. Think I'm feeling a bit of an orange vibe at the moment.

3) While we were out I purchased another Mark Hearld card, this time with a stunning barn owl scene. I've put it on top of our dresser in the dining room where I had the harvest hare one a month or so ago, and love the wintriness of the images. Barn owls are beautiful, rather ghostly creatures, and I love the little fox in the field.

4) It was foggy on Saturday, and when I squelched out in the garden to top up the bird feeders I picked a bunch of rain-soaked flowers. I brought them in and put them on the dresser where they are a real splash of colour. I must be imagining it, but they seem to be brighter than ever as the autumn progresses. It's probably because the limp foliage around them outside is losing its colour, and they are all the more precious as a result.

5) I've also returned after my crocheted wreath diversion to J's university blanket. I have dillied, dallied and procrastinated long enough, and am determined to have it finished before Christmas. There - I've said it in print! Now I'll have to do it. He's been at university for two months already, and I don't really want it to end up as a graduation present!

Right, I'm off to cook tea now and see if I can crochet more squares this evening.The twinkly fairy lights are on in the kitchen and the curtains are drawn. I do enjoy finding ways to brighten up the November gloom.


  1. I made a blanket for my son to take back to uni with him during his summer break. I must say it was a hard slog towards the end! You have a lovely selection of flowers in the posy you picked.

  2. Aah, lovely cosy post :) I envy your selection of pumpkins and squashes - they are beautiful. Off to do some knitting in front of the fire - yum!

  3. Good to see that crochet-determination Cathy!
    The squashes look fab, the recipe sounds really yummy, I think I will try that one this week :)

  4. Very nice post I love the pumpkins and your grannys are so beautiful ! Did you see your nomination here ? see you

    1. Thank you Geraldine - that's very kind of you. However I've already taken part in the Liebster award back in June :) I've enjoyed reading your blog, and your Liebster post
      Cathy x

  5. Hello Cathy

    A wonderful post, with lots of vibrant colours, your orange chrysanthemums are stunning and I love the colours. Yes, I do like your Mark Hearld card and must look out for them. Well done on returning to your crochet, crochet on these cosy nights is just the ticket.



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