Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Secret Garden

Not so long ago two of my friends and I were arranging a trip to celebrate two of our birthdays. We usually go out for a meal, or for coffee and cake, but this time we decided that we would go somewhere for a Sunday afternoon stroll first. We'd talked about a beautiful garden which we'd seen on TV and wasn't too far away, so at the beginning of November off we went to Kilver Court. The day was damp and a bit overcast, but it didn't deter us and we arrived late in the morning, ready to explore.

The garden is tucked away behind a shopping village, and we weren't aware of its existence until quite recently. Beside the garden is an old viaduct which is reflected beautifully in the water of the mill pond. 

The sun shone at points during our visit, and illuminated the garden wonderfully. The rockery was a tapestry of rich autumn colours, a feast for the eyes. It really was lovely.

Even on a dull day the colours of the flowers glowed. I wonder why so many autumn flowers are deep pink and purple?

There were interesting features, like this graceful willow arch ...

... and this intriguing, sweet little round cottage.

There were unfamiliar plants, like this hard, citrus-like fruit (or perhaps it was some kind of quince).

Everywhere leaves made fabulous patterns on the ground ...

... and on the trees.

This acer looked positively on fire in the sunlight, an incredibly bright red.

And this succulent in the rockery reminded me of one of those springs children make from paper. It almost didn't look real.

Some dahlias caught my eye, wonderfully seasonal and jewel-bright.

A more formal parterre finished off our visit, satisfyingly clipped and geometric.

After exploring in the garden we had a delicious lunch in the restaurant, and a bit of a wander around the shopping village. Amazingly I didn't buy anything, but did admire this gorgeous berry-covered, standard holly in a pot.

I had a very restful, happy day in this most secret of gardens, relaxing with my friends and taking in all that glorious colour - heaven!


  1. What a fantastic find; a real hidden gem. I love the viaduct and that succulent is amazing. I love to discover new places and things to enjoy and what a great place to celebrate a birthday. x

  2. Beautiful gardens - certainly a real treasure you found there! :-)

    Take care

  3. Hello Cathy

    I don't know how I've missed your wonderful post.
    What a beautiful and amazing find Kilver Court is, and to think you don't live that far away. I love to discover local hidden gems, and this is a true beauty.

    The gardens look amazing and I do like the photo of the viaduct (second picture)
    Wow, the colour of the Acer is magnificient, and I love the curly succulents.

    A brilliant birthday treat.



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