Thursday, 20 November 2014


Whilst life is as busy as ever, November seems to have a quietness about it here at the House with the Blue Door. Autumnal festivities, like Halloween and Bonfire Night have passed by, we have no birthdays or family celebrations this month, and Christmas is coming, but still a little way away yet. There's still time to enjoy the end of autumn before the solstice comes and winter is upon us (and the promise of spring). As we head into the darkest part of the year, the sun sets a little earlier each day, and I find I am drawing the curtains earlier and switching on the lights. We've had the odd bit of sunshine here this week, and it's been so welcome. On stepping out of the door to go to work this week I noticed the rose hips on our 'New Dawn' rose, and popped back indoors to grab my camera.

The colour of the sky was wonderful; I had forgotten it could be that blue! It made a change from some of the very grey, wet and misty mornings we've had lately. In the evenings after work most days I have crocheted more squares for J's blanket, baked or even nodded off on the sofa in the warmth. Now that the central heating is on, Clover has headed for all the cosiest nooks and crannies she can find, including my basket which contains some of my nicest yarn on top of our cupboard. Hmmm, think it needs a new place to live.

In this quiet spell I have the time to appreciate small things. The hydrangeas which I dried a month or two ago now have a depth and richness about their colour which suits the season, and their dark, papery petals drop attractively on the table underneath them. This green spotty jug was one of my birthday presents, and I love it. It seems to have suited everything I put in it so far.

I like the regular patterns made by the four and three-petalled florets.

I've also had the time to browse through one of my favourite seasonal books 'Cattern Cakes and Lace'. I've had it since the 1980s, and it details folklore and traditions throughout the year as well as seasonal recipes. 

I like the idea of making Soul Cakes and Spiced Ale in November - perhaps I will one day. I'm not sure I've ever made any of the recipes in it, but like to pore over the beautifully-illustrated pages.

I like this calm before the lovely storm that is Christmas, and am resisting the urge to begin any new projects until J's blanket is finished. Just enjoying recharging my batteries, and being mindful. On that note, I'm off to do some more crochet. Hope you find the chance for a bit of relaxation too x


  1. Ooh you have to make soul-cakes, I mean they HAVE to be good for you with a name like that. I might have to give them a go myself actually ......
    Love the hydrangea petals, amazing colour, and your spotty jug is lovely :)

  2. I like the calm before Christmas too, after having a trying year I have treated myself to the week off before Christmas! The colour of the Hydrangea petals is amazing & I like the photo of your cat, why do pets like more expensive yarn!

    1. They do, don't they? It must be softer and more comfortable, I think x

  3. Soul cake sounds like a wonderful thing! I have never heard of it but I like the idea a lot. Winter/Autuum is such a nice time for soul foods. I will make spice cake again in december. Soo yummy. And awesome because it tastes best on the third day after baking: So it is easy to prepare to the holiday season!

    Take care

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog :) Spice cake sounds delicious - I shall have to try it x


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