Monday, 15 August 2016

Hot, Hot, Hot

Phew! The floral temperature is soaring out in the garden; even on the coolest of days the colour palette that surrounds me when I step outside is hot, hot, hot. It's that wonderful time of year when the fieriest of natural colours explode.

I've been collecting flowers for my flower press, and just love all these bright, zingy colours.

There are orange crocosmias, which remind me of Cornwall,

and red ones too, called 'Lucifer'.

This delicious scabious is called unseasonably 'Plum Pudding', and I love it. I wear this colour quite a lot, a sort of dark raspberry red or wine.

Bees certainly love the flower.

They also like its blue counterpart, the field scabious. It could even be the same bee. 

Here he is again on a geranium. Busy indeed. 

The poppies are over now, but they were so bright.

Not to be outdone, some foliage decided to get in on the act too, in the form of this yellow heuchera, 'Creme Brulee'

and this wine-coloured one, coincidentally also called 'Plum Pudding' 

The final bit of eye-scorching colour comes not from our own garden, but next door's, and that's this wonderful sunflower which has turned to look over our fence - lucky us!


  1. Gorgeous fiery colours indeed. I do love the colours as (dare I say it?!) summer fades into autumn. That's one very happy bee you have there. xx

  2. Wow you have a stunning garden with sooooo many pretty flowers! I wish I had a hand for gardening, too. Sighs!

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds

  3. I love all those bright colours, your Plum pudding is gorgeous I will have to look out for that. Sarah x


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