Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Stained Glass and Faded Silks

Thank you, everyone, for your birthday wishes. I do love having a birthday at this time of year, and am so enjoying the autumn as it progresses. At the weekend we all went to visit J at university and had a walk in its beautiful grounds. The sun came out after a while and lit up the most dazzling display of bright, jewel-like colour. As the light caught fallen leaves they resembled stained glass in glowing shades of crimson red.

Coppery dark russets.

Lustrous scarlets.

Gradually the reds gave way to yellows.

Light, translucent yellow-greens.

Orangey yellows.

The sunshine shone through the leaves, illuminating them.

There was even a bit of lime green.

A glossy magpie with blue-black wings hopped across a lawn quite near to us.

The lake was very still and tranquil that afternoon, a haven of glassy calm.

Giant gunnera burst from the sides of a pond in a green explosion.

Soon we came to a beautiful botanical garden and the mood changed.

Formal garden rooms enclosed a natural wooden sculpture.

A different set of colours developed. A soft vintage palette, like the shades of antique silks.
Pale mauves.

Faded pinks.

Washed-out blues and lilacs, like dyed lace.

Dark browns and blacks which punctuate the paler shades like French knots.

As we walked between herbaceous borders an embroidery of silver started to surround us.

Gossamer spun silk suspended in the air.

Delicate seedheads, dusted with silver.

Then a glimpse of more colour ahead.

A shining tapestry of bright gold.


Gilded borders sparkling in all their finery.

 And finally, after all the glowing stained glass and faded vintage silks, a stately and majestic oak tree, muted and understated, with a carpet of quiet brown leaves beneath it. 

It was a beautiful, luminous day, full of colour and texture. Autumn is truly a season which appeals to the senses and makes me feel glad to be alive. And we had a lovely time with J - it doesn't get much better than that.


  1. Such beautiful photos - I do love autumn. So glad you had a nice time with J; his uni gardens are stunning. xx

  2. What a wonderful set of colourful Autumn photos. I love this time of the year especially when the sun is shining which makes the colours look so vibrant. xx

  3. Lovely photos, I do adore the co,our in autumn. Glad you had a good time visiting & a belated happy birthday x

  4. A veritable rainbow of Autumn! Great photos Cathy. Karen x

  5. What a glorious place, and such fantastic photos. A real variety of colours and shapes and textures. Sounds like a really wonderful day. CJ xx

  6. What a beautiful university ground, your pictures are gorgeous - I love all the colours you have captured :) x

  7. How nice for you to see J, I love the Autumn colours, x

  8. Beautiful photos Cathy of your visit,. The University grounds look amazing and I must admit my favourite are your Autumnal photos because of their beautiful and stunning colours.

    Autumn is my favourite season.


  9. Hi Cathy, What a wonderful tapestry of colour and J's university grounds are fantastic! Sarah x

  10. Lovely photos, Cathy. The cherry tree is amazing.

  11. Beautiful photos Cathy, the autumn colours seem especially stunning this year. Hx


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