Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Autumn Equinox

Hello there! Despite my intention to catch up properly with blogging, the opportunity continues to elude me. I'm feeling decidedly under the weather, having caught a cold from one of the many sniffly teenagers at work, and yesterday had a cracked filling repaired at the dentist - ouch. It's not been the best of weeks so far. I feel sure it will improve. Anyway, enough of my moaning, and on to the subject in hand which is that today is the autumn equinox. This day is so-called because day and night are of equal length and it's the first day of autumn - yay! When I was about 12 I remember making my parents a 'Happy Autumn Equinox!' card decorated with carefully felt-tipped pictures of autumn leaves, squirrels, acorns, conkers and toadstools. I don't know why it never caught on!
Things are feeling more autumnal now. Dawn has been arriving later these days, and I have seen a few lovely sunrises. This was couple of days ago.

The conker tree opposite our house is yet to give up its bounty, despite the longing glances of school children on their way to and from school. Soon, I think.
One of my colleagues at work has a quince tree in her garden and has kindly given me these gorgeous quinces. The honeyed smell is wafting around the kitchen this evening.

 Clover has found some very warm spots of late-afternoon sunshine this week. Basking is definitely the word.

In their pot outside the back door the calendulas are resplendent in their orangeness (not sure if that's a word). They're perfect at this time of year.

Hope you've had a 'Happy Autumn Equinox!' today x


  1. Poor you - cracked fillings are not fun. We seem to be having the best of both worlds at the moment - beautiful autumn colours and sunshine too. Enjoy those lovely quinces. xx

  2. If orangeness isn't a word then it should be. Happy Autumn Equinox! It's a beautiful time of year. X

  3. Your quinces look great in the basket. Hope you feel better soon :-)

  4. Happy Autumn Wishes my lovely....
    I adore Autumn...such beautiful colours and textures!
    Tilly x

  5. The life of a cat is a good one indeed. Lucky you with those quinces. Sorry you've been under the weather, hope you're all better soon. CJ xx

  6. Happy Autumn Equinox to you too! I used to live on a road with horse chestnut trees as a child so I remember waiting for their bounty! Sarah x

  7. Grace my cat always finds a sunny spot outside, I love to see them enjoying the warmth.

  8. I have found comfort in baking and patches of sunlight this time of year, I find the end of summer a bit melancholy for me, but I try to avoid the thought of winter being around the corner with a bit of creativity! If only I wasn't at work so often!! We're all sniffling at home too thanks to my lot of teenagers x

  9. I adore autumn ... and especially its colors ... have a nice weekend !

  10. I think it's a card worthy event for sure - but I can do without the cold that has taken over my life as well.
    Have a great weekend,

  11. Love the sound of that card! The calendulas is simply stunning!

  12. I'm so happy that autumn has finally arrived. It is still hot around here and no rain in sight, but you can tell that the seasons are changing in many little things and I'm quite ready for change.

  13. Ouch! I hope your filling in back in place now and doesn't hurt anymore! Hugs!

    The pics are really beautiful. I love autumn and so far we had a lovely golden autumn here in Germany :)

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds


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