Wednesday, 30 September 2015

A Celebration and Things Autumnal

I can't believe that this is the last day of September, a month which I love. Where has it gone? It feels as if it has slipped quietly away in the twinkling of an eye. I'm still feeling a bit under the weather after my cold, but the weather itself is wonderful. Since the weekend we've had misty mornings, blue skies, warm, golden days and chilly nights - perfect autumn weather. Last week we had a wonderful day at B's graduation ceremony. It was a very special day indeed, one which I will always remember. The university put on a fantastic ceremony - simultaneously formally academic and full of fun too. The celebrations took place in huge marquees and the surroundings were fantastic - champagne and canapes combined with glorious sea views. B was so happy and I was a very proud mum.

Once we were home again, it was time to cook the wonderful quinces which my colleague had given me.

I peeled, cored and chopped them.

Then put them into a preserving pan.

I then cooked them in water until they were soft, mashed them with a potato masher and strained them through a jelly straining bag.

I put the strained liquid back in the pan with equal amounts of sugar and boiled it for about 15 minutes till it was set.

I potted up the jelly ...

... and when it was cool admired its rose-gold colour.

Here it is with the late-afternoon sun behind it - I just love the amber colour. It's delicious on scones and brioche rolls, an appley flavour tinged with pineapple or rose, quite subtle and fragrant.

Outside, the garden is still producing blackberries and raspberries, although the rate is slowing now.

I picked the last of the apples this week and gathered the windfalls (I love that word!).

Our tree has never produced so many apples, and I think the poor thing needs a rest. In Keats' words it truly is 'bent with apples'.

I cored some and filled them with mincemeat, then baked them for an hour in a hot oven.

Here they are once cooked. I served them with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, but they were eaten so fast I didn't have time to photograph them looking artistic in a bowl!

Finally there have been some wonderfully colourful sunsets ...

... and sunrises over the last few days.

Just beautiful!

Thank you for all your lovely comments - I so love to read them, and appreciate the time you take to leave them. See you soon x


  1. Congratulations on B's graduation. Our children's graduations were so special we were so proud of them and all they had achieved. The colour of your jelly matches those beautiful sun rises! Sarah x

  2. Congratulations to B - what glorious weather you must have had. That quince jelly looks divine; such a beautiful colour. Here's to an equally happy October. xx

  3. Congratulations to B on graduation, I'm glad it was such a good day. Love the look of those baked apples, I think I might try something like that, simple but delicious. The quince jelly looks divine, I absolutely love the flavour of quinces, I must look out for some. Enjoy the rest of the week. CJ xx

  4. Congratulations to B on the graduation!! The jelly looks delicious, it is a fabulous colour!! xx

  5. Ooh, I never thought to put mincemeat in baked apples, but it makes perfect sense. I have never tried quince jelly either but now I think I should!

  6. Quince jelly is amazing, I have planted a quince and hope for fruit in 3 years. In the meantime I will continue to make Rosehip Jelly, equally delicious.

  7. Graduation days so special - love that photo of the mortar boards in the sky. Also love those gorgeous sunsets. I can't believe Septembers over either - will really have to start giving Christmas some thought soon I suppose... :-O x

  8. Congratulations to B, this is something I can look forward to in a few years. The jelly is a wonderful colour x

  9. Congratulations, all that hard work was worth it. Thanks for the quince jelly tips , I was just wondering what to do with ours. My Mum's pear tree has practically snapped in two with the weight of the pears this year. Have fun. Karen x

  10. What a wonderful picture of the mortar boards in the air - it absolutely captures the feeling of a graduation day! xx

  11. well done B on graduation day :) and the colour of the quince jelly is beautiful!! x

  12. Congratulations to B and glad you were able to share this special day. I love your sunset photos and your quince jelly looks wonderful, what a lovely colour. My mouth was watering looking at your baked apples with mincemeat as well.

  13. Congrats on B's graduation! It must have been a very special day for you! And for him of course.

    We are having a wonderful golden autumn here in Germany as well. There is mist in the air when I drive to work and with the river and the sunrise it looks quite magical!

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds

  14. Congrats to B !!! Nice cooking !!! Your pics are beautiful !!! Have a lovely day !

  15. Graduation, such a special day for you all. I enjoyed seeing the pics of your jelly making, no quinces here but I'm waiting for the wild brambles to ripen for jelly. Hx

  16. Congratulations on the graduation, I like the photos of the sun through quince jelly, oh I like quince jelly too, with cheese :) Have a great week.

  17. Sounds like a wonderful graduation ceremony, many congrats :) Those sunsets are wonderful, and the quince jelly looks gorgeous! I've never tried it before, but I had quince vodka at a Polish wedding once, it was nice as far as I remember (!) xx

  18. I'm so behind with my blog reading, its been a busy few weeks around here. But I'm glad to catch up on your news. The jam looks lovely, as well as the baked apples.
    Happy Monday!


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