Monday, 20 April 2015

A Weekend Away

Ahoy there! This weekend we have been away for a little jaunt down to Devon to the coastal city and naval port of Plymouth. Remember last time we went we couldn't see anything because of thick fog? Well this time things were very different and we had non-stop sunshine - it was glorious. Deep blue skies, turquoise sea and verdant green hills meant that conditions were perfect for a spot of photography. It was wonderful to drink in the sea views, smell the salty air and just enjoy the wonderful brightness of it all.

I never tire of walking along the seafront looking across to Drake's Island and Plymouth Sound. Up on the hill to the right is the Royal Citadel, a large military fort.

This little ice cream kiosk overhangs the cliff below in a rather precarious-looking way. You can just see the lido below.


Only a few tiny wispy clouds were visible in the sky.

In the opposite direction the sea shimmered around the seafront's promenades and terraces.

On the Hoe itself is the lighthouse, Smeaton's Tower.

I love its fabulous red and white stripes against the deep blue sky, and its graceful shape.

Heading into the old part of Plymouth known as the Barbican, my eyes were drawn to the painted buildings in the pastel colours so often favoured by coastal towns.

Even heading into the city centre there was a reminder of the sea. I came across some people with little remote controlled sailing boats who were using the ornamental pond as a boating lake.

Back by the sea again, the water was still and glassy, reflecting the yachts moored in the marina.

Some of the little boats had sweet names like the Rachel-Anne.

On the seafront various boat trips advertised excursions to neighbouring islands, rivers and coastal villages. It all looked very appealing.

In the little harbour a beautiful ketch, the Irene, was moored, looking very sleek and graceful.

We wandered past in the evening and marveled at the beautiful polished woodwork.

From across the other side of the harbour the lights of the pubs and bars twinkled and made the scene look quite magical.

 We were only in Plymouth overnight, but it was long enough to feel that we'd had a little holiday. I grew up very near to the sea and although I love living in Somerset, I sometimes long for a bit of a salt breeze and some sea air. Our little visit to Plymouth has definitely put a spring in my step and blown away some cobwebs!


 PS. Thank you, dear readers, for your kind comments on my finished projects in my last post - I know you all know how difficult it can be sometimes to keep going on a long-standing WIP and finish it. I am feeling greatly relieved!


  1. Hello Cathy,Stunning photos especially the evening ones. The blue sky is amazing and not a single cloud in sight. I love the yachts in the Marina (our Marina has fishing boats LoL) beautiful photos.

  2. It is a long time since I lingered in Plymouth, I know what you mean about a dose of sea air - it is quite magical :) Lovely photos x

  3. Beautifully photographed, it looks like you had a wonderful time. I especially like the twinkling lights in the distance across the water, that's one of my favourite views. I always like the salt sea air and a sight of the water as well. Wishing you a good week Cathy. CJ xx

  4. Ooh - it's a while since I've been to Plymouth but your photos make me want to return. I agree, the evening shots are superb. Have a lovely week. xx

  5. Such a lovely trip down memory lane for me, I was as student in Plymouth many years ago. Its so lovely to see your photos of all the beautiful sights there, and the lighthouse is spectacular. I spent many an evening in the pubs down the Barbican. So glad you enjoyed your trip and thanks for sharing :)

  6. I've never been there ... so I appreciate your post and your pics to discover the place ... thanks ! Have a nice day !

  7. So tempting! I've never been to Plymouth, but always at this time of year I have a yearning to visit Devon and Cornwall. I once went to a conference at the University of Exeter just after Easter and the spring was so much earlier than in Edinburgh, and there seemed to be much more blossom. Everything was bursting out at once, instead of slowly and cautiously here.

  8. How lovely are those sea views, you took some wonderful photos of this picturesque town Cathy!

  9. How lucky you were with the glorious weather for your visit. Plymouth is somewhere I would like to explore, apart from stopping at the railway station to change trains on one occasion I have never set foot in the city. I really enjoyed looking at your lovely photos. Xx


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