Monday, 2 February 2015

Welcoming February

A quick post today to say 'Hello and welcome' to February, a month that can often feel quite spring-like (and is always tricky to spell). Although I try to embrace January and enjoy it's distinctive mid-winter personality after Christmas, I so often feel rather lethargic and low in spirits during this month. This means that when February arrives I'm always very pleased to see it. I also like the fact that it's got two celebrations in it: Valentine's Day and Shrove Tuesday - hooray!

Here's the February page on my calendar, with a focus on skies and flowers. 

As things have been busy around here, I've managed to squeeze a little bit of knitting in this weekend, as well a some more work on J's blanket. The knitting will be a cowl, and it consists of alternated sections of garter stitch and moss stitch. Quite simple, but a nice variation in texture.

I haven't shown you this mug before, have I? It's one of my favourites, bought last year and sporting a lovely button design. It's so very cheerful to drink from, and I love the fact that there's a button on the inside too! I drink tea from it, and must admit to keeping some of my favourite mugs for tea, and others for coffee - they just seem to suit different hot drinks. Is it just me, or does anyone else do that?

The weather is pretty cold at the moment, with frosts in the mornings and sleety showers, so I feel very cheered when there's a bit of sunshine, however fleeting. We have pink glass candlesticks on the mantelpiece in the living room, and I was very taken by the pretty shadows made when the sun shone through one this weekend.

It reminds me of the patterns made by water reflected on the underneath of stone bridges. I think the candlestick's shadow looks quite amusing when photographed on its own.

Well, that was a rather random post, I know. Life can be a bit random sometimes, can't it? Hope you can enjoy some sunshiny moments in the next few days, and can squeeze in a bit of creativity, no matter how small.

See you soon x


PS  Before I go, I just want to say a big thank you for all your lovely comments about my flower paintings in the last post. After doing two courses a few years ago, I took a break in flower-painting when I started to work full-time, and since then never seem to have large enough chunks of time in which to paint. Nowadays I tend to either make small projects or large ones which I can pick up and put down easily, like crochet. Your encouraging comments inspire me to try to find some time soon to get my brushes out, especially with the prospect of spring flowers on the horizon!



  1. Spring is a long way off for me, but creativity is always a priority!

  2. Hello Cathy

    I am so pleased you may continue to paint, and hope to see more of your work.
    I'm with you in the small pick up and put down projects.

    Your February calender page is lovely, especially the daffodils and amazing skies.
    Yes, it's lovely when the sun leaves shadows, on the down side it shows up all the dust. LoL.


  3. I agree about January, such a relief to get it over with. I love your button mug :) I have favourite mugs, they can be for tea or coffee, I just get annoyed if the husband uses them!

  4. I have a collection of mugs for different drinks too! It's funny how the drinks taste differently. Life is all the better for being random I think. x

  5. Yes, here's to February and the coming spring. I love your button-mug - very pretty. I have my favourite mug that I use all the time but for my herb teas I have specific ones and at work,I have two mugs - one for tea and the other for soup :)

  6. Judging by the raw cold weather today Spring still seems a long way off but as my Dad always used to say - February is a short month and once March gets here and all the lovely Spring bulbs start flowering we will all feel a lot better.

  7. I have mug and jug envy - they're both so lovely. We have mugs which are definitely his and hers, but I tend to be a bit indiscriminate about what drinks go into them. Here's to a cheerful February! x

  8. You've made me smile because as you I'm keeping some mugs for tea and others for coffee !!! and I can't alter this in any way !!!!! Your calendar is great !! Have a lovely february first week !

  9. LOVE the mug! And the jug is not bad either :-)

  10. Love that mug! Here in Italy we drink espresso coffee in smaller cups and tea in bigger cups, but often we use mugs for tea too. It is easyer. Your painted flowers are beautiful!
    Have a nice evening

  11. eek, I am working on a new computer and it seems to have eaten my comment... well, again...

    I am rather glad that the new month started too. January was though on me and my family and thus I hope it will be better this month! :-)

    Love the mug! It is so much nicer drinking a coffee from a nice mug than an ugly one, isn't it?

    Take care


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