Saturday, 21 February 2015

A Happy Half Term

It's been a lovely lazy, unwinding half term week here with not too much in the diary, and a chance to breathe out slowly and take things as they come, rather than trying to catch up with myself. I deliberately didn't make my customary list of 'to do' jobs, deciding that I would do whatever I could as well as prioritising some creative time. I hadn't realised how tired I'd become until I caught up with my sleep and regained a bit of energy! D spent a lot of time with friends this week, and so I was able to plan my own time. I did get a few housework-type things done, but I also sat and drank coffee, looked at lots of lovely blogs, watched some tv, crocheted and met up with friends. Just what I needed.

Best of all, I got back out into the garden again after months of winter neglect. To my delight lots is happening out there. Bulbs are coming up and the hellebores are flowering now too. I spent two very sunny afternoons on my hands and knees clearing away dead leaves and weeding. I also planted some plants which had spent the winter in pots. To be down at ground level, smelling the earth and digging the soil was absolute bliss. It felt like crumbly fruit cake, rich and moist and everywhere buds and shoots were just starting to emerge. At the end of both days I went indoors with very muddy knees and hands, but I didn't mind. I felt that familiar excited anticipation of warm days spent outside growing things, and thought about seeds, compost and flowerpots. How wonderful to think that the end of the winter is in sight now - I even saw my first bumblebee this week, huge, furry and clumsily buzzing around the plants in the sunshine.

We had a lovely day trip which I'll tell you about in my next post, as well as going to Bristol this weekend for some shopping. While we were there we walked down to the Harbourside which is always a lively, interesting place and headed for Pero's Bridge which has been in the local news lately. This is because an artist has transformed the bridge into a Fog Bridge using 'fog as sculptural medium'. Yes, I know it sounds odd, but the bridge has lots of little high-pressured vents along its sides which send out a fine mist at intervals which engulfs those who are walking across it.

It was a rather disorientating experience, like walking through the middle of a cloud: quite damp, and impossible to see very much. I didn't get my camera out because I was worried about all that water!

It was very striking and strangely compelling to watch.

The bridge itself is very interesting, named after a Caribbean slave who was brought to Bristol in the 18th century, and the two horn sculptures are counterweights which lift the middle section to allow boats through. A recent custom is for lovers to attach an engraved padlock to the bridge's sides and throw the key into the water. Quite a lot of padlocks have accumulated there lately.

Before we left I took a photo of this city-centre hotel which has blue glass sides. I'm not overly fond of these towering buildings, but the different shades of blue which were reflected in its windows were very attractive against the blue-grey sky. It made me think of possible designs for crochet blankets or patchwork quilts.

It really has been a good week, relaxed and with enough time to stop and appreciate what's around me. Hope you have a good weekend, with a bit of breathing time too x


  1. I'm so glad you've had a relaxing half term and how lovely to get out into the garden. I must try and do the same - the weeds are starting to take over! I love the sound of the foggy bridge and the engraved padlocks are a great idea - I wonder if anyone has had to go along with a hacksaw when the relationship came to an end?! x

  2. So glad you were able to relax and chill out over half term. We all need time to please ourselves every so often. The 'fog' bridge sounds fascinating and I love your photo of the blue window building.

  3. Great that's you were able to relax ... we all need it sometimes ! Glad you took the time to breathe and appreciate ... Have a lovely sunday ...

  4. Your Spring is romping away - how lovely to get your hands in the earth again. It's been too frosty here for that, but I have ordered my seeds.
    What a strange bridge - in a nice way. Hope the padlocks don't get out of control like the Pont des Arts in Paris and they have to start lopping them off!

  5. The mist pictures are magical!
    Glad to hear you got some time to recharge and enjoy time in your garden :-)
    Take care
    Anne (Crochet Between Worlds)

  6. Hello Cathy, It's wonderful to get the time to re-charge your batteries and do just nothing.

    Your coffee loooks amazing and I bet it tasted good. The fog on the bridge looks ethereal and magical, and I love the photo of the blue glass hotel, like you I'm not too keen on high rise buildings, but the colours will make a beautiful blanket.

    Enjoy the last few days of your holiday.


  7. Lovely read, yes it is so good to see Spring beginning and the gardens coming to life again. I was interested to read about the Fog Bridge as I live in Bristol but had not heard about it, have probably missed it now but it does look a fascinating idea!

  8. Quiet days are the best! And you look to have made a good use of yours, very nice photos.

  9. A lovely relaxing read Cathy. That bridge is different and what an experience (I do hope the sides are high!). There are so many places now that place the locks on. I love the meridian line in Greenwich (not the touristy bit but the one just outside the wall), there are a few there and you start to think of the stories behind each one. Enjoy your week xx

  10. Sounds like a lovely few days :) the fog bridge is interesting if a bit spooky!

  11. Your pictures of the fog bridge look amazing! My son uses it everyday to get to work and hasn't mentioned it, that's so typical of boys! Sarah x


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