Monday, 11 August 2014


Just a quick post to share the snapdragons which have been flowering beautifully in my back garden for several weeks now, livening up a border which has done most of its blooming already.

Erm, don't look at the grass too closely - my husband cut it the same day that this was taken.

I bought a pack of 6 small plants back in May for £2.50 and look how they grew!

Lovely colourful spires of flowers which have lots of personality.

If you squeeze either side of the flower, its 'mouth' opens. I loved doing it as a child and still can't resist now.

They come in lots of different colours, all bright, and I love them for that.

When I planted them I had no idea of which they'd be - I like this pink and red combo.

A lovely splash of colour just where it's needed, and with a bit of a cottage feel.

They're almost over now, but I'll definitely have them again next year.


  1. I remember making the dragons 'snap' too as a child :)

    1. I think it's nice not to grow out of these things - they never lose their appeal, do they? x

  2. Who cares about the grass, the flowers are beautiful! Do you grow them from seed or what (I am terrible at gardening). I always wondered what snapdragons were!

    1. Yes, they did grow well :) No, I only grow sweetpeas, calendulas and nasturtiums from seed as they're all fairly easy. I bought them in a tray of six little plants from the local farm shop, and put them straight into the garden, watering them regularly. They're annuals, so they they don't last past the autumn in theory, but it depends on how mild the winter is x


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