Wednesday, 6 August 2014


We've arrived in August, and as always I suddenly become aware of all of the hot colours around me, especially the colour orange. It's as if nature's colour palette has suddenly exploded from the pretty pinks, lilacs and blues into reds, hot pinks, oranges and yellows. When I was younger I didn't like the colour orange very much. I found it a bit garish and loud, and it seemed to clash with all my favourite colours. However, as I've got older I've realised that I actually find it quite energising and uplifting.

Just look at this day lily, frilly and unashamedly bright - isn't it great? Someone at work gave me these plants back in the winter, and when he said they'd be orange I remember wishing that they were pink or crimson. Now that they're in bloom I'm delighted that they're orange - just right for this time of year.

Orange snapdragons positively glowing in the sun. There's a bit of yellow and pink on these flowers too.

My favourite orange flower, nasturtiums. I like to grow them from seed in pots against our blue kitchen wall and often stop to admire that eye-scorching orange and blue combination.

Here's a little crocheted orange flower brooch that I made a while ago. I love orange against a green background too.

Zingy calendulas also grown from seed in pots by my back door. This orange is a bit more yellowy, almost citrus.

I couldn't resist buying a big bag of apricots at a greengrocer with the idea of making jam, inspired by Sue at the Quince Tree. Unfortunately my efforts at jam-making often yield mixed results, and it turned out a little on the over-cooked side shall we say, so it's probably best to admire the apricots as they looked pre-jam.

PS I've just discovered that Jill at Emerald Cottage has just made a lovely post entitled 'Orange' too - what are the chances of that? Go and take a look - it's full of orange things I haven't noticed and lots of summer fun and creativity x

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