Sunday, 29 June 2014


Pottering ... I do like that word. The dictionary defines it as 'to move about without hurrying, and in a relaxed and pleasant way'. Doesn't that sound appealing? I've been making an effort to spend at least 5 minutes a day pottering around, and noticing what I do in a mindful way. Doing things like this:

Making myself a cup of tea to take into the garden for a few minutes. Here are my favourite mugs on the kitchen shelves. I've already admitted to having a thing for candles, lanterns and baskets - I think mugs could be added to that list. Which one today?

Remembering to look up. A couple of nights ago, I saw that the setting sun had illuminated the contrails across the sky, making a large 'X'. Looking at the sky is something I like to do, and I always make time to notice at least once in the day what it's doing.

Having British-grown seasonal flowers around the house. I love all flowers, but like it best when they are in season, and reflect what is growing in people's gardens at this time of year. These Sweet Williams were from the supermarket - just £1 a bunch!

As well as redcurrants, picking raspberries, blackcurrants and tiny wild strawberries from our garden, and freezing them. Once I've got enough, I plan to make some jam or jelly. Picking them is a task that cannot be rushed, but it's very calming after a day at work. Looking for the bright berries amongst the green foliage is like looking for treasure and is very engrossing.

Going for a short walk along the local cycle-path which has been built along the old railway line. On a summer's evening the setting sun lights up the leaves, making the vegetation look verdant and lush.

Smelling the flowers. In this post I mentioned that my parents had recently given us a William Shakespeare rose. It's blooming at last, and it's gorgeous. It's a deep crimson colour, cup-shaped, with a lovely rich scent. I've noticed in recent years how much rose perfumes differ between varieties.

And finally, Clover lying on the rug in a patch of warm sun. Her fur is incredibly warm and soft as she dozes. She really knows how to relax!

Walt Whitman stated that we can find “Happiness, not in another place but this place...not for another hour, but this hour.” I think that's what being mindful is all about, and when I can manage it life is the richer for it.

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