Saturday, 3 May 2014


How I love May, the prettiest and freshest month of all, a month of blossom and froth!

This picture of our apple blossom was taken a week ago, and already most of it has fallen. Just a few flowers remain, but just look at that delicate blush of pink against the white and green. The petals are lightly veined and the blossom has such a sweet smell, a foretaste of apples to come in the autumn.

Here is a close-up of the cherry blossom which I featured in my last post. It's quite different, a native cherry, white but with rather lovely long yellow stamens. We bought it just after we moved into our house 16 years ago, paying the princely sum of 99p for it from an offer in a newspaper. It arrived as a twig wrapped in damp newspaper. Now it towers over our garden and birds like to sit in it.

Another white 5-petalled flower with yellow stamens is the wild strawberry. We have masses of it in our garden and in just a few weeks' time we'll be able to have those little strawberries on our breakfast cereal. 

This is turning out to be a post full of white and green! Here's some more.
The lawn is studded with daisies and always makes me think what a pretty pattern for fabric it would make. They couldn't be more cheerful or fresh-looking against that vibrant green.

Here's Clover the cat posing amongst the daisies (and dandelions), soaking up the sun. 

I'm so glad that May is here. Summer is just around the corner, but we still have a good deal of spring left to enjoy. Hope the sun shines where you are x

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