Monday, 5 May 2014

Crochet bag

I've always preferred hand-made fabric or yarn bags to leather-type handbags, and as a result have made quite a few of my own. A while ago I decided to make a shoulder bag from a single skein of this rather lovely yarn. There are so many colours to choose from and these pastelly, watery hues are full of spring colours.

Here's the finished product ...

It's a very chunky yarn and varies between thick and thin as you crochet, producing an uneven, hand-spun look.

I used a size 10 crochet hook and made it in double crochet. Once made, I lined it with pale blue felt, and finished it off with a shell button. (It definitely needs to be lined because the wool is so chunky. I tried it without and soon found that my keys and pens were trying to escape!)

I have a collection of shell buttons and a fascination for small things such as buttons and beads. Shell, or pearl, buttons come from the sea, and go so well with these soft water-colours. I like the unevenness of their texture, and the muted natural tones.

They come in different shapes

and are sometimes dyed in bright, fun colours.

After trying several different ones I decided upon this large, pale one which reflects the colours around it. When I look at my bag I am reminded of Monet's chalky, pastel colours and water-colour paintings.

More bags to come another time x

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