Saturday, 30 July 2016

Cornish Holiday - The Lizard

We discovered some lovely places which were new to us on our holiday in Cornwall, and headed down towards the Lizard on our last day. After a wet start it turned into one of those hot, sunny summer's days that you hope for on holiday. Dollar Cove was our first discovery, a wild place of shipwrecks and undiscovered Spanish treasure. Apparently scenes from 'Poldark' were filmed there I shall look out for them in the next series.

A few steps away is Gunwalloe Cove, a stunning place of soft sand, rugged rocks and crashing sea - my favourite kind of beach.

I did a bit of crochet whilst watching the body boarders, and some beachcombing too, 

watched by this fellow who hoped I'd brought a pasty with me.

But I was most distracted by the scenery. When I'm in places like this I find I just want to drink it all in, and charge up my batteries for the winter months. 

However, I can't tell you how thrilled I was to discover this - masses of sea holly growing on the beach. In my enthusiasm to take photos I managed to knock my coffee over. P of course is used to this plant-related excitement.

It was so silvery-blue in the sunlight, and incredibly (painfully) thorny.


On the beach is the little 'Church of the Storms', St Winwaloe. Its windswept churchyard was very simple, and full of coastal beauty.

It has a detached bell-tower, something I've never seen before.

After delicious three-scoop ice-creams at an ice-cream farm (wild cherry, sea-salted caramel and pear and elderflower for me), we headed for another pretty place ...

Coverack. I love its name, which makes me think of seaweed.

Some beach exploring was in order, so we wandered and admired the serpentine rocks.

An evening stroll in Porthleven ended our day, a little fishing town which is very familiar to us.

I visited a favourite haunt of mine, the Salt Cellar Workshops. When I daydream about becoming a craftswoman living in Cornwall it's here that I imagine.

The workshops are occupied by a group of talented artists, and are an inspiring place to be, a hive of wonderful creativity.

A drink on the quayside finished a lovely day of seaside happiness, as we watched the little boats pootling in and out of the harbour.



  1. Glad your holiday was so good for you, your photo's are stunning.

  2. I must get to the sea again there's always so much going on! Love the blue holly. Thanks for sharing. x

  3. A wonderful, wonderful part of Cornwall, I love the Lizard peninsula. I stayed at Porthleven last time I was down that way. Amazed by the photos of the storms and massive tides hitting it. We went to that ice-cream place too, fab isn't it. I do love the creativity found in Cornwall as well, it's all very inspirational. CJ xx

  4. That sounds like a brilliant holiday! I have never been to Cornwall but your pics make me want to go!!

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds

  5. Catching up on blog reading, lots of fab places to visit in Cornwall and the beaches of course, I love being on the beach, hope you had a great holiday :)

  6. Your Cornish holiday looks wonderful you have shown me some familiar places and some new places to explore next time we are down that way. Sarah x


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