Wednesday, 1 June 2016

The Week So Far

Hello all! I'm making the most of our half-term holiday here and am really enjoying writing posts for my blog. I've been posting a lot about plants and gardening lately, so I thought I'd show you what I've been up to so far this week in an (almost) flower-free post. Do you remember I was crocheting a bag based on Lucy's pattern at Attic 24? Well, I finished it recently and have been waiting for an opportunity to photograph it. I have made this bag a few times and decided to make one in vintagey, soft spring colours. I had fun choosing the matching buttons and making the flowers.

Here it is, and I've already used it a few times.

I lined it with an eau-de-nil Laura Ashley fabric which matches the cotton yarn perfectly.

I'm glad I finished it while it's still spring.

I recently repainted a little chest of drawers that used to belong to B and which now reside in my shed. When she was little I painted and stencilled them with fairies and flowers for her, but she outgrew them and donated them to me.

I painted them lilac and decorated them with a bluebell stamp, and am very pleased with their new look.

On Sunday evening it was very warm and bright and a fleet (is that the right collective noun?) of balloons flew over our garden as we were sitting outside eating our evening meal. They often take off in Bath and drift in our direction before landing in local fields. I can never resist waving.

The first roses are blooming in the front garden (I said it was an almost flower-free post).

On Monday we went to a fair in a local village. It was a warm, hazy day and we had a very leisurely wander about looking at the attractions and stalls. I have always loved country fairs and I may have purchased a few plants for the garden. We had a lunch of rolls, cakes and tea in the church, and even watched a ferret race which was surprisingly exciting.

I got up close to this beautiful barn owl,

enjoyed looking at these wonderful carnivorous plants on a stall which was in my opinion worthy of Chelsea Flower Show,

admired the church which I often don't look at closely enough,

took a good look at the beautiful stained glass windows and gargoyles,

remembered that the village is the home of the nursery rhyme 'Jack and Jill',

appreciated the lush, rolling hills,

spotted this old signpost (funny to see London on a signpost in a country village)

and noticed how beautiful the meadows look after the hay's been cut. I love this time of year.

Before I go I'll leave you with some pictures of Clover. She is a very sweet little friend and does make us smile. Here she is enjoying a patch of warm sunshine on our living room rug,

dozing on the newly-cut grass in the back garden one warm afternoon

and watching her favourite tv programme, 'Springwatch'. Badgers and birds are her favourite, and she has been known to climb up behind the tv looking for them. Funny creature.

Well, it's been a wet, windy and chilly couple of days here. I hope it's nicer weather where you are, and that you're having a good week (thank you for your good wishes for D who's in the middle of her GCSE exams - not long to go now).
See you soon x


  1. Such a lovely post. I love your new crochet bag with its lovely lining - I've been meaning to make one for ages but haven't got round to it yet. We have a couple of sets of those wooden drawers; they could definitely do with a similar makeover, your bluebells are gorgeous. Look at little Clover watching Springwatch! Our old cat used to enjoy 'Discovering Birds' with Tony Soper; she would get overexcited and pat the screen. Hope the rest of the GCSEs go well. xx

  2. A post jam-packed with fun and colourful things. Your bag looks beautiful, I do like Lucy's patterns. The weather is awful here but maybe it's on the turn again back to those glorious sunny days we had. x

  3. What a lovely few days. The bag is gorgeous, and the village fair looks perfect. I wish they'd do something like that around here. Your little cat has made me smile, watching Springwatch. We look much the same when we watch, the biggest boy and I. I hope the rest of the GCSEs go well for D. As you say, the end is in sight. CJ xx

  4. Lovely lovely post. I do like you chest of drawers with the bluebell stamp, very pretty. Rocky hound is rather partial to Springwatch too xx

  5. Hi I love that bag it's so pretty you would make a killing if you made them to sell I'd be first in the queue lol

  6. The bag is so pretty: all my favourite shades!
    What a lovely little outing to the fair, and such pretty countryside where you live.
    Happy Days!

  7. I remember making a couple of Lucy's bags, they are still in constant use. Love the lining that you used too. You certainly packed a lot in before the weather turned against us. I love seeing those stones with London on, they always remind me of Dick Whittington! Good luck to D, my Miss Teen is also near the end now, such a stressful time but this week I have made sure she has some chill out time before she starts again next week. Take care xx

  8. Cathy, I just love your crochet bag, the colours you have put together are perfect - I feel like a blanket coming on using that colour combination.The Country Fair looked like a fun event and I enjoyed your photos, you live in a lovely location. xx

  9. Such a great post today, brimming with good things. I LOVE the bag and the chest of drawers - both so pretty.

  10. I love your crochet bag and the colours you choose ..perfect !!!
    nice pictures of the Country fair ...
    have a nice weekend ...

  11. I love reading through your posts, they are so full of colour and creativity :)


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