Sunday, 3 January 2016

A New Year and a New Start

A Happy New Year, and a big thank you to all you lovely fellow bloggers/blog-readers for your kind thoughts and good wishes! I know I already said it in my last post, but this as this is my first one of 2016 I thought I'd say it again, especially as the weather is so very gloomy and wet outside and I've been taking down the decorations today. That always makes me feel a bit downcast as I miss all the sparkle and twinkliness. However, I am very lucky in having a dry, safe home which is free from flooding, so I do count my blessings.

To get the year off to a good start I have made up my usual calendar from last year's blog photos online and it will be delivered soon (I'll show you it when it arrives), and I have bought a couple of diaries for the coming year. One is for carrying in my bag and contains all my appointments etc. I know I'm a bit old-fashioned in not using my phone for this, but I do like to keep all my addresses and useful details in one place, and I like diaries as objects in their own right.
The other diary is my mindfulness diary for the coming year. I plan to write down something that I've enjoyed during each day, a kind of positive moments diary. I did this a few years ago and I find that it helps me to be 'in the moment' as well as looking for the good bits in each day. Being mindful is a way of embracing and enjoying what's going on in the present moment instead of thinking about the past or the future, and focusing instead on the things I can do and enjoy right now.

I'm not a great one for New Year's Resolutions and don't usually make any as I often find that mine are vague and unrealistic. However I have made three for this year. I plan to: 
1) Have my own craft stall. In the past I've held one at summer fairs etc, and love deciding how my stall will look and presenting it in my own style, as well as meeting people and having them think my creations are worth buying (hopefully).
2) Find more time during term-time in which to blog as I so enjoy sharing things and finding out what you've all been doing and creating. Blogging is such a happy and friendly thing, and I miss it very much when I'm away from it.
3) Keep looking after myself. I've already started this one, and by this I mean I'll continue with eating healthily and going to the gym. I bought some new clothes in the sales this week and was thrilled to discover that after 12 gym visits (3 a week) clothes are already fitting me better and I have lost a good few inches from places I'd hoped to lose them from. I was delighted as I thought it would take a long time to see any real difference and it's the perfect incentive to not give myself a choice over whether I go or not. It certainly gets those endorphins going too. 
I have received some thoughtful Christmas presents from my family this year. P gave me a pretty silver button necklace and a fresh and floral Julie Dodsworth bag. I recently discovered her designs when we were on holiday in Yorkshire in the autumn. Do you know, I still haven't shown you that post yet? I'll do that this month.

I was also lucky enough to receive Simon Armitage's latest book 'Walking Away', which I've been looking forward to since I read 'Walking Home', and this DVD (yes, I confess I am a Poldark fan).

 There's something of a Cornish theme going on here, I notice, and it's continued in B's present to me - these gorgeous Cornish oyster shell candles.

J gave me a very pretty hot drink holder which I can use when I'm out in my shed, and D gave me a sweet-smelling clementine and honey candle, also destined for the shed. My family do know me well.

I've also picked up the scarf I was knitting again, and will have it finished soon. I so love its chalky blue colour and softness, and can't wait to wear it. Once January arrives, more neutral colours at the cooler end of the spectrum appeal to me: whites, pale blues, greys and soft browns.

Perhaps I'm needing a break from all the bright colours and dazzle of Christmas. I wouldn't mind a bit of sunshine, though, instead of all this rain! Right, I'm off to finish putting away the decorations and enjoy our last day before school/work begins again tomorrow. I shall leave you with a mosaic of some of my favourite bits of 2015.

See you soon x


  1. I love, love, love the oyster shell candles, and I bet the clementine candle smells divine. Good luck with your New Year plans, I hope that you and yours have a wonderful 2016. CJ xx

  2. Sending you some sunshine and wishing you a sparkling new year

  3. Beautiful photos and beautiful presents too - I love that bag! I also like the idea of a mindfulness diary. I do a similar thing where just before I go to sleep I try and think of a 'trio of blessings'(ie. 3 nice things about the day)- I think the phrase came from a Marian Keyes book, so you should probably say it in an Irish accent! Have a good week. xx

  4. You certainly have some super presents there, what a lovely bag and I love those oyster shell candles. It is always good to receive books as well - I haven't read the Simon Armitage books but really think they would appeal to me. Must wait a bit though as I have spent rather a lot of books just lately. I agree about Poldark, love that program and the books they are based on (I received the Kindle set of 12 for Christmas). I have read them before many years ago but am looking forward to reading them again. Happy New Year. xx

  5. What bright and cheery photos, how lovely! You've certainly received some excellent presents. Hope your return to work goes well and great news about those inches especially after Christmas! x

  6. Your scarf is beautiful, and I love the shell candles too! Hope that you do well with your three challenges/plans this year. xx

  7. Beautiful scarf and I love your button necklace - they made me smile :) Here is 2016 and all crafting plans and challenges xx

  8. I love that you make a calendar from your blog images! What a great idea! I also still use a diary (well a filofax). I like to see exactly what I'm doing and when. Old fashioned I know...

  9. Love your tulips. Once the decorations are put away I always look to colourful flowers and plants to get me through January. Hope you have a good year:) Barbara x

  10. Lovely gifts, and photos, I still use a diary, I like to physically write things down, and have my address bok and so on together :)

  11. Love the scarf, both colour and pattern!

  12. What a happy post, so full of love and good intentions. I really enjoyed it. Happy 2016.

  13. A very enjoyable post. I confess that I have been curious about Poldark. My mom in law loves it and I told husband twice to try to get it via netflix. Nice color for the scarf. Wishing a great 2016 for you and yours!!!


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