Sunday, 5 July 2015

A New Kitchen and Summer Skies

This week life has been returning to normal here at The House With The Blue Door. Busy, but normal again - phew. After five weeks our new kitchen is finished. Hooray! It's been a long haul and we are delighted with the result. It was finished almost two weeks ago and we've been gradually moving everything back in to the new cupboards and finding new places for things. It's meant that we've had a big clear-out and got rid of lots of stuff along the way which has been a very good thing. So, at long last here are some photos ... ta dah!

This is what it looked like after the walls were damp-proofed, a few weeks ago. Clover seemed to enjoy exploring in here and quite liked sleeping in a basket on top of the washing machine.

I've really enjoyed having our room back again, cooking and using the new sink. It shows how much we take everyday objects for granted when we don't have them for a while.

Whilst I was washing up a few evenings ago I caught sight of the sky and went outside with my camera to record it. After a very hot day the clouds were being illuminated by the setting sun.

The bright blue sky was full of soft grey cloudlets with silver edges. 

It was beautiful, and unusual.


It reminded me of one of those skies you see in Renaissance paintings.

After a very hot week it's been a cooler day today, with warm sunshine and some very heavy showers. The weather's been wonderful lately, but I'm not a fan of very hot weather so it's relief to feel a bit more comfortable. Hope the week ahead isn't too hot or cold for you, and that you have a chance to stop and notice the good things x


  1. The new kitchen looks great! Love the cottage style.

  2. You new kitchen is really lovely, has a great vintage vibe going on :)
    Those clouds! They do really look like paintings, beautiful :)
    Have a good week Cathy,

  3. What a gorgeous kitchen, you must be thrilled with it, it was very well worth the upheaval I think. I must be wonderful to have a kitchen back again though. Fantastic skies, beautifully photographed. I hope you have a good week. CJ xx

  4. Wow the kitchen looks lovely :) It must be lovely to have it back again. And those skies are very much like the paintings! Lovely pictures :) x

  5. A truly wonderful kitchen! I hope you will have many wonderful hours with your family in there!!

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds

  6. It looks lovely, mine is currently housing a half tiled floor but at least I have my washing machine plumbed in again x

  7. A big well done, the new kitchen looks absolutely lovely! Love those cloudy skys!!!
    Happy week ahead!

  8. Ooh it looks smashing, glad it's all done and you can now enjoy it. Lovely clouds always a pleasure to see. :-)

  9. Oh, wow...great sky. Really unusual.
    Nice to be here.

  10. Your kitchen looks amazing and soooooooooooo gorgeous.
    Stunning, and dramatic sky photos, I just love them.


  11. Love your style in the new kitchen, and dramatic photo's.

  12. Love the new kitchen! You must be so happy. And isn't a big clear-out almost the best part?

  13. LOVE the new kitchen; it must be so nice to have everything in order again. The cloud photos are wonderful too - I do love a dramatic sky. Have a great week and enjoy the cooking. xx

  14. I now have some serious kitchen envy going on, it's fab. The clouds were beautiful last week, we saw them each night driving home. Hx


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