Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Crocheted Clothes Hanger

Hello again! I've been away from the blogging world for the last week and a half as things have been moving on apace here kitchen-wise. We spent the last weekend choosing paint and then painting the understairs cupboard and new kitchen ceiling (goodbye Artex icicles!), and this week the kitchen is finally being fitted. Hooray! It's all very exciting and exhausting. Consequently there's been no time to spare, and along with all of this P collected B from university for the last time - where did those three years go? It's lovely to have her home again.

There hasn't been any time for crocheting this week, but do you remember I was making a little project during half term in the garden and at the beach? Well, I finished it and can now show it to you ... a pretty clothes hanger for D. I found that there are lots of lovely crocheted clothes hangers on the internet on sites like Pinterest which are very inspiring indeed. Go and take a look - they're amazing! D's been revamping her bedroom recently and loves blues and greens, so she chose the colours and I obliged. 

Here's how I made mine (apologies for the lighting in these photos - I took them outside while I crocheted outside under my cherry tree and the shade is very dappled). I crocheted 10 chain stitches followed by 80 rows of double crochet in white cotton yarn. 

 This was wide enough and long enough to fit the wooden hanger bought from the local market. I found the halfway point and pushed the metal hook through a gap in the crochet. 

Then I over-sewed along the edge, sealing the wooden hanger into its crocheted sleeve.

Now it was time to decorate it. First I used the pattern for centifolia roses from this brilliant book which I've had for a few years now. I'm surprised at how few flowers I've made from it, given what an inspiring book it is.

They were easy to make and worked up quite quickly, with pleasantly jumbled petals. I couldn't resist photographing them next to the real thing.

 However, they didn't seem to be quite the right shape for this project. I wanted something a bit more defined, so I used the Attic 24 May Rose pattern, and made a blue rose with a couple of little green leaves. I was going to add some little buds, but quite liked the simplicity of the design, so kept it as it is. D was happy with it too, as it matches her room.

I've now made a good few of these hangers. Here are some which were decorated with roses I made from Heather's blog. I love their swirly simplicity.

I've also made several as presents for friends and relatives, with other kinds of flowers on them like apple blossom, primroses and pansies, depending on preference. They're quite fast to make and infinitely adaptable as they can be as elaborate as you like. 

I shall spend the next few evenings catching up on all the blogs I've been missing. See you soon x


  1. They're lovely, what a beautiful job you've made of them. They look like something you'd pay a fortune for in a fancy shop. No doubt they have been very well received. The kitchen progress sounds exciting. Lots of Artex icicles here too, but alas they won't be doing anywhere. CJ xx

  2. Really lovely project, it makes something ordinary into something extra special. Love the crochet flowers. Your friends and family are so lucky to receive such pretty gifts.

  3. How pretty, what a good idea. :-)

  4. Gorgeous hangers - the roses are so beautiful, I'm going to have to add these to my ever growing 'to do' list! L comes home from uni on the 20th - like you, I can't believe how quickly the 3 years have gone, it only seems like five minutes since we dropped her off for the first time and I sobbed all the way home. Can't wait to see your new kitchen. xx

  5. They are gorgeous and will make lovely gifts too! xx

  6. I've also had that book for a few years. When I first bought it everything looked so complicated that I put it aside and never tried again. Now that I see your pretty creations I think I should take another look :-)

  7. What a lovely idea - I like these a lot, I am going to have a try at these.

    1. Thank you for dropping by my blog - it's lovely to meet you! I hope you enjoy making crocheted clothes hangers of your own :)
      Cathy x

  8. Oh these are so pretty! My favourite is that little rolled rose. This makes me second guess my choice to have all matching, black velvet hangers in my closet ; not a hint of home made prettiness at all!

  9. As always I'm in awe of people who crochet/knit but can't say anything intelligent beyond 'that looks lovely'!
    Your B is the same age as my M, but since mine is at a Scottish university she still has a year to go. It does feel as if they've only just started, doesn't it?!

  10. I totally missed this blog post when I read your more recent post but so pleased I looked back and spotted this one. How beautiful these hangers are, so pretty and feminine. I must try one of these one day very soon. xx

  11. Creative I will try to make it thanks :)


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