Sunday, 22 March 2015

Sunshine, Outdoors and Getting Creative

 Hello! First of all I need to catch up with my calendar - here's my March page at long last. I must get myself more organised next month!

Last week I managed to get outside with a cup of tea after work one evening which was a real breath of fresh air, if a little chilly.

I've just put up this bug box in the garden in the hope of attracting more ladybirds and solitary bees.

This one's been up for a couple of years now. I've never seen anyone going in or coming out, but bits of paper or something similar have been put into some of the holes. Does that mean someone's moved in?

Back indoors I was very excited to receive a parcel in the post. I knew what it would be, as a couple of days before I'd ordered a bag from Susie Faulks, a bag-maker who I discovered whilst looking for oilcloth bags online. My old work one is looking quite tired and needed replacing. I tend to avoid leather as far as possible, and love the wonderful oilcloth designs these days, often making my own bags. However, when I saw that there was one with hares on it (my favourite animal) my decision was made. I love it! I might save up and buy a shoulder bag too. Funnily enough, when my copy of 'Country Homes & Interiors' magazine was delivered, Susie's bags have a feature all of their own - what a coincidence!

P and I went for riverside walk in Bath at the weekend, and there were plenty of signs of spring.

Tiny yellow celandines were blooming in carpets close to the ground. I've always loved their waxy petals which reflect the sunshine.

Above our heads the blackthorn was blooming.

There are few sights as uplifting as frothy blossom against a blue sky. If you'd like to indulge in even more blossom, I can recommend Chel's post at Sweetbriar Dreams - it's very pretty indeed.

Finally as we were walking back through the centre of Bath we came across this delightful and unexpected bit of yarnbombing.

Such a treat on a sunny day, and all crocheted.

It really made me smile.

Before I go I thought I'd share with you two new small WIPs. Inspired by my real hellebores (you can take a look here), I decided to make some of my own. First I got out my wool rovings and started a needlefelt one which I plan to embroider when it's finished.

And second, I couldn't resist this wonderful crocheted hellebore pattern which the very talented Lucy has made and shared at Attic 24 (if you haven't seen Lucy's winter wreath, go and take a look - it is amazing!). I've yet to steam it, and am going to make a couple more in different shades.

I hope that you've had a sunshiny weekend too, and can find time for a bit of creativity x


  1. You seem to have a lot going on! I do like the photos and the yarn bombing in Bath looks like fun.

  2. Such a lovely post - so many beautiful things. We had a similar bug box a few years ago and the bees (I think they were mason bees) did close off compartments, so it looks hopeful. I love your new hare bag and the yarn-bombing looks fun - I wonder, with all those hearts, whether it was done for Valentine's Day? Have a good week. x

  3. The yarn bombing is stunning !!! Your weekend seemed to be pieceful .... and sweet ... Have a happy week ahead !

  4. What a lovely happy post. Love the celandines and blossom and the yarn bombing is great fun. I do like your new bag too, very Spring like. Hope you get some visitors to your bug box. xx

  5. A lovely happy post, the yarn bombing looks like huge fun! x

  6. A lovely post Cathy, I love your March calander photos they are stunning. and your quilt in the second picture is gorgeous (especially the colours). I too love Suzie Faulks bags, I'm dithering about ordering one LoL. Love, love the yarn bombing.

  7. Beautiful granny square blanket! Sitting on this bench with a cup of coffee, what's better?

  8. Hi Cathy, I like everything: your blanket green blue and red perfect for a spring afternoon! The flowers in your country...and yarnbombing too! Have a nice day!

  9. Wow - I am soo jealous of your spring weather! We are having storm and rain here in Germany...

    The yarnbombing... Wow!!

    Take care
    Anne (Crochet Between Worlds)


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