Thursday, 29 January 2015

Dropping By

Hello there! Just dropping by to share some of the things that I've enjoyed over the last few days in what has turned out to be a rather busy week here. I did some sewing over the weekend - I'll post about that soon - but seem to be taking a little break from yarny things in the evenings. It's been cold and wet here with several hailstorms, sleet and snow flurries, so we've done a lot of cosying up indoors, as well as heading for bed early with plenty of blankets and hot drinks.

Outside in the garden there are few flowers to be seen, but this winter-flowering heather is putting on a good show. Its tiny pinky-purple bells are very hardy in the cold, and make a real splash of colour in the border.

In a pot outside the door is an ornamental cabbage. Usually I choose purple ones, but this year I decided on white. Its paleness emphasises and defines its frilly edges, making it look as if it's made from icing.

In contrast the edible cabbage I bought from the farm shop was a delightful mix of green and purple, and looked almost too pretty to eat. As soon as it was cooked, however, it lost its purple hue and transformed into a more run-of-the-mill green cabbage.

There have been some gorgeous skies this week. This was a glorious gold and pink sunrise ...

... and this was a heavenly lilac and pink sunset. The colours are exquisite, and watching them lighten, deepen and develop before my eyes is enthralling and quite meditative.

Indoors I've been enjoying some pale yellow daffodils along with one of my favourite magazines. I usually read my magazines in bed just before I go to sleep, as I find them relaxing and soothing. Sometimes, though, I'll read abut something that inspires me with an idea to make something, and it starts to buzz around my head just as I'm nodding off.

 On the windowsill is a pot of hyacinths which a friend potted up for me last autumn. I kept them in a dark shed and brought them out just before Christmas as they began to send shoots above the soil. The blooms are opening now and I can see that they will be my very favourite shade of mauve, somewhere between pink and purple. You can see the blue bases to the florets.

Equally exciting is my amaryllis which is beginning to open. It's tantalisingly revealing a glimpse of red petal between its green leaves, and looks like it will be a beauty.

The 'Bridal Crown' narcissi are open now, and smell wonderful, fresh and full of the promise of spring. I had to photograph them against the blue wall to bring out their soft, creamy shades.

Finally, I so enjoy having Clover around the house curled up on beds, sofas, her baskets and occasionally the floor under radiators. She sleeps soundly for a good portion of the day and snores quite loudly for such a small and delicate cat. She has very little interest in going outside at the moment, and her presence makes the house feel very homely indeed.

Hope you're somewhere warm and dry today too x


  1. So many beautiful things to look at here. I especially love the white cabbage and the Bridal Crown Narcissi; absolutely gorgeous. Clover looks very cosy curled up there. Have a lovely weekend. x

  2. Beautiful feast for the eyes and those skies are wonderful. Such a cute little curled up puss cat to finish with....aaaaww! Suzy x

  3. Beautiful skies and there is something so sweet about a snoring cat!

  4. Nice pics ! I love your cat !!!!! Have a locely week end and not so busy ... !!!

  5. More lovely photos. I love the jug of daffodils and your pots of hyacinths. Looking forward to reading more of your blog posts.


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