Sunday, 13 July 2014

Bead Therapy

I haven't blogged about my jewellery making before, have I?

 I started making jewellery 18 years ago when my oldest daughter was 2, and I wanted to go back to having a creative hobby after the all-consuming excitement of having a baby. At that time bead shops were starting to pop up and you could order beads from catalogues too. I bought some tools and findings and a small bead assortment and had a go at making earrings. I used to have short hair and wear dangly ones, so I started to make them in my favourite colours.

I soon became addicted to making my own jewellery and progressed to pendants, necklaces and bracelets. I'm mostly self-taught from books and just experimenting, but I've also done a couple of short courses, as well as two silversmithing courses which were much more technical and really enjoyable. I've built up a sizeable collection of beads since then and have sold my jewellery at craft fairs.

So, a couple of weeks ago on a wet Sunday afternoon I decided it was time to make a necklace or two. I was feeling very inspired by the blues and pinks in the flowers below, so I selected beads in these colours.

The first necklace I made was a mixture of some pretty glass beads which I've had a while. I like the rich pinks and the little pink roses on the deep blue beads.

Then I made a simple necklace from beads in these shades of blue. I like the frosted look of these acrylic beads. 

I was pleased with that one so I made another very similar one, but in deep pink this time. 

Finally I decided to make a floating necklace with a mixture of beads. I enjoy making this style of necklace, as I can choose random beads and space them out with little silvery crimp beads.

I was very pleased with my necklaces - not bad for a couple of hours' work, I think. I've made lots of jewellery over the last few years and will share some in coming posts, as well as new things I've been working on too.

 See you soon.


  1. I've nominated you to take part in the Liebster Award because I love your blog and this is a great way to get to know you better :-). You can find all the info here

    xxx kate (Livelovecraft)

    PS love the jewelry - some gorgeous gorgeous colours xx

  2. Hi, just replied to your comment on my blog - I can't believe I missed your post in June - so sorry! Must have had my head buried deep in my books with study - thank you (belatedly) for thinking of me :)

    1. Thank you, Hawthorn - as we've already discussed on your comments page, I've done it already and nominated you! Great minds think alike :) Glad to see you back, and hope your exams went well x


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