Tuesday, 22 April 2014


I've been enjoying and inspired by some amazing blogs for several years now and harboured a secret yearning to have one of my own. So, spurred on by my lovely family, I have taken the plunge and decided to have a go! I love watching the seasons come and go, being creative, and recording the routines and rhythms of everyday domestic life. Flowers, crochet, knitting, sewing, baking, gardening and beautiful words all feature highly on my list of life's important things, and this is where I shall share them with anyone who'd like to pop in.

The weather has been glorious this Easter, a little chilly but so sunshiney. Cornflower blue skies and little cotton-white clouds have been a daily feature for a fortnight, and they make me feel like Mole in The Wind in the Willows when he exclaims "Hang spring-cleaning!"

Shall we go for a bit of a pootle around the garden to see what's out?

Our cherry tree has been in bloom for a week or so now, and the blossom looks wonderful against the blue sky. I have enjoyed several early morning cups of tea underneath it recently, sitting on the bench with the sun on my face.

I defy anyone not to smile at the sight of these eye-scorchingly yellow daffodils.

I love the flowers of this tiny anenome blanda. They pop up from nowhere with the most heavenly blue flowers, just the colour of our front door.

The hellebores have been fabulous this year too, and are just about over now. I picked some and displayed them in a bowl of water to appreciate their gorgeousness. Such rich colours, and each one different. Just look at those speckles!

I was delighted to find this snake's head fritillary in our front garden this spring. I planted some years ago, and forgot they were there. It certainly does live up to its name.

Thank you for joining me in my garden. I'm looking forward to seeing you again soon x


  1. Hi Cathy, I found your blog via attic24 - I too started my bloggy journey earlier this year, fun, isn't it ?!

    1. Yes, it's so exciting! I'm still getting the hang of it - should've done it ages ago!
      Cathy x

  2. Hi Cathy, I found your blog today reading your comment at Mia...nice to meet you !

  3. Hi Isabella, thank you for visiting - it's nice to meet you too :)
    Cathy x


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